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Cisco Network Support Services

Why should we choose BII for Cisco IT support services?

Over time Cisco Systems and its technology has been transformed from a luxury vendor to an essential technology vendor within most UK network environments.

Very few businesses in 2013 can survive without a secure, available network. Cisco network equipment sits within the core of the UK’s blu-chip enterprise and carrier networks. BII Compliance now considers Cisco network consulting a fundamental practice for its client base. Reliable and practical networks are necessary if any IT network or system is to thrive within its environment.

Not only are we Cisco accredited suppliers, but our consultancy services also give you access to Cisco trained and certified engineers, experts and designers. This capable and enthusiastic team, will consistently provide services, in Cisco network consulting, that can maintain, repair, upgrade or extend your network to the highest standard.

Based in the heart of Kent in Kings Hill, West Malling, BII are positioned strategically 45 minutes from London by train to deliver business continuity practices, incident response and support services for disaster recovery.

Cisco IT Support and Management Services

Network support and management is a key requirement of all businesses with Cisco Systems technology.

Network upgrades have grown in importance within the blu-chip business environment. Network troubleshooting is also delivered by BII consultants for networking components not manufactured by Cisco.

Our security cleared engineers are capable of configuring your network to deliver the necessary performance levels. BII's Cisco engineers are experienced in delivering capacity planning and methodical working to network troubleshooting.

24/7 Cisco Support Monitoring and Consultancy

BII Compliance understands the importance of out of hours support and there is little more frustrating of financially cripling than network downtime.

We employ SC cleared engineers who monitor equipment for Cisco networks but additionally also monitor third party services such as telco and ISP link services. Our Cisco support and monitoring services are available 24/7.

Cisco High Availability and Load Balancing

Many businesses will naturally require a number of devices to deliver the highest possible standard of network reliability. Firewalls, routers, switches are designed to handle a limited bandwidth of load. Load balancing and high availability techniques delivered via BII's Cisco engineers can prove invaluable, assisting your organisations network with scaling or unifying technology to handle the required throughput.

Our engineers do not stop with high availability, we have developed bespoke configurations that keep your network running at full capacity as we upgrade your software or swap out critical components. 

Our Cisco professionals are experts in network consulting and have a high level of experience in the development of practical solutions and the implementation and maintenance of Cisco networks that are as scalable as they are available.

BII Compliance also provide a high standard of advanced Cisco network consulting, developing and implementing Cisco networks with any advanced features you may require. Features include, layered Cisco networks with VRFs, boundary management with BGP and very large network designs, many of which are supported by various Cisco switches, routers and firewalls. Most companies appreciate a fairly simple network that nonetheless incorporates all of the required Cisco-supported advanced features, which is precisely the focus of our network consulting experts.