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Egress Encryption Solutions

Company Overview

Egress Software Technologies is a leader in email and data encryption software for small, mid size, and enterprise environments. Combining our patented architecture with a collaborative SAAS license model, sharing information securely has never been so easy - while at the same time keeping you in complete control at all times.

Egress encryption solutions are currently used by more than 1000 enterprises, healthcare companies, governments, and small to mid sized businesses around the world. Consistently selected in the face of established competition, Egress goes beyond the capabilities of traditional protection in the fight against data loss.

Egress products are designed to deliver ground breaking real-time control and instant file tracking carefully implemented to ensure that security is seamlessly built into end users daily workflow. Offered as a fully managed service or as a private cloud infrastructure, Egress products and services reduce the risk associated to sharing confidential information by enforcing comprehensive policy and audit requirements centrally, without the need for costly infrastructure or end user training.

Assisting with regulatory compliance

When confidential information is shared with customers, partners, or outsourced, there is a greater risk that the information will not be handled with the same care that is used internally. In addition the sheer volume and variety of exchange mechanisms such as email, CD/DVD, USB, FTP(s), or hosted web servers, can often present a real management challenge to small or large businesses. Yet the stakes are high given the loss of sensitive data can raise compliance issues, risk major organisational fines and invariably leads to damaged business reputations.

Centralised auditing for users

Egress Switch works to protect, audit, and control shared information wherever it resides. As a result users have the reassurance that they can track user activity in real-time when sharing sensitive information.

Using detailed audit information available on desktop applications, mobile devices, and online, events display exactly who, when, and where protected information is accessed giving you the peace of mind that your data is being handled by authorised recipients.

Switch enables you to achieve compliance using detailed centralised auditing without the need to install any complicated infrastructure. Simply sign into the Switch Web Portal to access real-time activity, secure delivery reports, and disclaimer notifications.

Email Encryption Software

We operate in a market defined by compliance yet driven by convenience. Consequently, this modern day security paradox has led to confidential information being transferred electronically without appropriate protection. As a result, personal data is frequently lost or mishandled, exposing organisations and individuals to costly fines and damaged reputations.

Security made easy

To address this global challenge, Egress Software Technologies develop integrated email and file encryption software that offers businesses real-time auditing and 'follow the data' control. This Government accredited collaboration service leverages a unique combination of on-premise and hosted infrastructure, revolutionising the way individuals and organisations exchange personal or sensitive data.

Desktop encryption

Egress Switch Desktop encryption simplifies sharing confidential information securely. Install our desktop applications and experience single click email encryption, media encryption, and secure file transfer without the need to install any complex infrastructure.

Switch Desktop encryption can be configured to automatically encrypt sensitive or personal data based on classification, size, content, location, or recipient, enabling businesses to achieve regulatory compliance by mitigating the risk of data loss.

Gateway encryption

Egress Switch Gateway encryption integrates seamlessly with existing web & email content filtering products to offer transparent outbound email & file encryption as well as automated inbound message decryption.

Using Switch Gateway encryption organisations can guarantee that confidential information is protected using 'follow the data' control without disrupting internal archive or content filtering processes.

Automated encryption

Automating business process is an integral part of progressive development. However, in an attempt to maximise efficiency and streamline workflow, sensitive data is often distributed without appropriate security, resulting in costly fines and damaged reputations.

Egress Switch Fusion enables organisations to embed security into the heart of any automated business process - protecting confidential information wherever it resides.

Protect data on removable storage

Traditional file encryption that distributes static password authentication alongside the target information will not guarantee that your data does not fall into the wrong hands. This fundamental problem associated with legacy encryption products gives the sender the false impression that their information is secure. It is not!

Egress Switch takes a different approach and is ideal for sharing sensitive information physically – without exposing your business to any unnecessary risks.

Using the Switch audit trail, you will be able to view the full contents of the CD or DVD and see exactly what information was burnt to the media. Furthermore, sophisticated IP tracking not only displays unauthorised access attempts but also provides the specific location of where your data resides. Armed with this information you can now make informed decisions whether to revoke access immediately. This will prevent all users (including authorised recipients) from accessing the information.