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NetIQ - 3 challenges 'Change, complexity and risk'

NetIQ's Jay Gardner

Jay Gardner, President and General Manager of NetIQ, takes a moment to thank you and welcome you. It's all part of being "large enough to deliver, yet small enough to care" in the identity, security, access governance, application and IT operations management solution areas.

Company overview

NetIQ are a global, enterprise software company, with a focus on the three persistent challenges in your environment: Change, complexity and risk.
In order to provide reliable control, NetIQ first make sure that they understand the real-world scenarios in which BII's clients operate - day in and day out. 

NetIQ place your success at the heart of how they do business. From product inception to deployment, it is understood that you need IT solutions that work well and integrate seamlessly with your existing investments; you need ongoing support and training post-deployment; and you need someone that is truly easy to work with.

What do NetIQ's solutions do?

  1. Solve persistent IT challenges.
  2. Provide greater strategic value from your IT investments.
  3. Demonstrate business improvement.
  4. Achieve greater cost savings over alternative approaches.

Homeland Security Award

December 5, 2012 - NetIQ Sentinel Receives Homeland Security Award for "Best Security Incident & Event Management” Solution

NetIQ® today announced that NetIQ Sentinel™ received the “Best Security Incident & Event Management” award in Government Security News’ 4th Annual Homeland Security Awards competition. Winners were announced at an awards gala that drew hundreds of government officials and industry executives to the Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. on November 29, 2012.

Read the full article here

NetIQ technologies

  • Identity & Access Governance
  • Access Management
  • Security Management
  • Systems & Application Management
  • Workload Management
  • Service Management

Identity and Access Governance

Automated and secure governance for the business user and the administrator

You have every reason to be concerned about the potential security threats posed by your many end users.

Fortunately, granting access to information resources and mission-critical applications doesn't have to put your enterprise at risk. Our Identity and Access Governance solutions help customers maintain both productivity and network security with confidence.

Security Management

Monitoring, reporting and remediation of resources throughout the enterprise

There's nothing worse than a professional hacker—except a disgruntled employee. Don't leave yourself open to attacks from either direction while you wait to get breached. Take a proactive approach to security with our Security Management solutions.

Security Management from NetIQ is the central nervous system of security. It ties together security information from all corners of your organization to give you a clear view of past events, current status, and future weakness.

Workload Management

Simplify the management of workloads across physical, virtual and cloud environments

Simplify the ongoing management of server workloads. Our solutions profile, migrate, and protect server workloads on physical machines, virtual hosts, and public/private clouds. Plus, our agnostic approach allows you to migrate between multiple hypervisors and computing platforms.

Our solutions evolve with your data center, ensuring your IT environment is always efficient, well-balanced and resilient. Make the most of your current and future data center investments with our Workload Management solutions.

About NetIQ Sentinel

NetIQ Sentinel delivers full-featured SIEM (real-time event analysis and log management) while eliminating the complexity other SIEM toolkits introduce to help organizations proactively manage risk, achieve greater visibility into potential threats, better control their security posture, and simplify the task of regulatory compliance.

NetIQ Sentinel helps agencies automate the process of monitoring for, identifying and responding to targeted attacks, as well as helping to deliver continuous compliance reporting to meet federal mandates.

Systems and Application Management

Performance and availability management tools for today's fast-changing and complex IT environments

You're good at managing physical servers but the pace of change that virtualization introduced has caused new management challenges. While you're getting a handle on keeping pace with virtual environments, along comes private clouds, where a business user with self-service can make configuration changes directly to the environment. How can you manage the performance of IT services without accurate monitoring?

Our Systems and Application Management solutions are built with automation to keep pace with the changes that keep accelerating and allow you to address more complex enterprise needs with flexibility when you need it and out-of-the-box features when time-to-value is more important.

NetIQ AppManager

Travis Greene takes a quick look at three of the IT challenges NetIQ AppManager addresses: management of app performance, keeping pace with rapid IT changes, and determining the severity of user complaints in environments of 200 to 10,000 servers and introduces an short AppManager demo from BrainShare.

Service Management

Monitor and manage business services across physical, virtual and cloud

Measure your data center with our Service Management solutions. Dynamically link business-related services to underlying applications, workloads and infrastructure components. We'll help you understand IT issues in terms of how they impact your business. The results? Improved visibility. More actionable information. And better quality of service.

Only NetIQ provides a complete, unified picture of your IT infrastructure and gives it to you in a format you can use. Now you can transform your data center into something that is more service-driven and business-centric.