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Technology Vendor Partners

All those vendors

The below list of vendors does not represent a desired or preferred list of who we work with. BII Compliance must remain independant when working with clients in order to deliver a sound and efficient service. Yes we may receive less of a profit margin because of this but it is still our ethos.

The vendors listed are those we have shared success with in the previous ten years but it also includes emerging vendors.
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Effective Vendor Partnerships

To build an effective vendor partnership, we need to begin with the end in mind and focus on end users that have entrusted BII's CSP program.

2013 is a year of technological integration with our own bespoke services. Our vision enables us to work with multiple parties at any one time for the benefit or our clients whilst also adding value and gaining further recognition within the industry.


Open, honest and frank communication between partners is key to making a successful partnership with BII. This may be a good time to explore new frontiers and other opportunities together.

It is through communication that trust is built. It is how our customers understand their vendors’ capabilities and limitations. It is through communication that the “rules of engagement” for any relationship are formed and enhanced. 

Mutual benefit

The basic reason for entering into a partnership is mutual benefit. In tough times, vendors and business clients may be in difficulty and it is very possible that awarding business may create substantial loyalty and there may be an opportunity to renegotiate pricing or services to keep both parties profitable.

The vendor must deliver a service to the client which is valuable (combination of pricing and service level) and must be able to do so while generating an acceptable profit level.

Clear understanding

In any partnership, all parties need to be clear on their roles and responsibilities. This is clearly sometimes taken for granted or overlooked entirely but can result in smooth long-term working relationships.


In these tough times, all parties must understand that things can change quickly. Because of this, all parties need to be flexible to adapt to those changes.