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ObserveIT - Session Monitoring & Video Replay

What is ObserveIT?

This video shows exactly why and how ObserveIT is on many evaluation lists in Q1 2013.

The video communicates the value of the software very well and has been a great aid to BII Consultants throughout 2012.

ObserveIT Insider Threat Software

ObserveIT is the world’s leading Insider Threat Management solution. ObserveIT helps more than 1,200 enterprise-class customers detect insider threat and stop data loss. ObserveIT‘s award-winning Insider Threat Management software combines best-of-breed user monitoring, advanced behavioral analytics, and irrefutable visual forensics. ObserveIT’s agent-based approach installs in minutes and adds behavioral context not readily available in log files. ObserveIT is the most effective insider threat management solution to prioritize investigations, analyze user risk, and change the behavior of bad actors and unwitting users.

Company overview

Since launching the company in 2006, the ObserveIT team has been passionate about making life easier for IT managers, security officers and compliance officers. Their unique server monitoring and auditing technology, now in its fifth generation, delivers market-leading functionality with enterprise-grade reliability.

ObserveIT's industry experts, teamed with a global network of partners and integrators, ensure that you will receive the support and local expertise you need to deploy and maintain ObserveIT in even the most complex network environments.

Don't take our word for it

More than 120 of your colleagues have recommended ObserveIT on LinkedIn, from industries such as finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, healthcare, government and IT services. Our customer satisfaction is the highest in our space – read some of what our customers have posted on our LinkedIn product page.

Industry leadership

ObserveIT was awarded third place in Deloitte Technology’s Fast 50 award program, taking first place in the Software category, with 3552% revenue growth over the past five years.

Product overview

ObserveIT identifies any new server session, and associates the session with a specific user. During the session, all user actions on screen are recorded for video replay. Detailed textual metadata logs list every app, resource or CLI command that the user ran. Canned compliance reports show all actions, with links to video replay for further clarification.

Straight to the root cause

With ObserveIT on your network, you can review every action that takes place on your server network. No more fingerpointing, no more hunting for cause of changes, and no more wondering what they do on your servers once you give them access.

Identify all remote and terminal users

As soon as a user starts a session (using any connection protocol), ObserveIT identifies the precise user id. Shared users (ex: 'administrator') must provide secondary credentials of a specific named user.

Record: Generating logs and capturing video

ObserveIT captures a detailed textual log plus video recording of every user action. Logs are generated for every application, even those that don’t have their own internal logs. These logs avoid the technical mumbo-jumbo of typical system logs, instead showing exactly what the user did (and not just the underlying results). Details include the files opened, windows viewed and specific UI activity, which are then tied to precise video that delivers precise forensic evidence.

Pre-built audit reports

Access the audit recordings any way you wish. Automated canned reports sent via email, periodic and customized reports, textual summaries and full video replay are at your fingertips.

Key ObserveIT features

  • Intelligent audit logs:
    Video logs and Textual metadata logs for every user action, including legacy apps, cloud and commercial software, and apps with no internal logging.
  • Record & Replay:
    Precise forensic investigation that shows visually exactly what the user did.
  • Identity Management Suite:
    Tie generic 'administrator' logins to specific named user and detect identity theft.
  • SIEM Integration:
    Simple tie-in of intelligent log data for any SIEM, Log Management and System Monitor platform.
  • Policy messaging:
    Satisfies policy training compliance regulations.

5 minute demo

In this 5 minute demo, you'll see the key features of ObserveIT User Session Recording software.

Who touched this server?

Oddly enough, the simple question "Who last accessed the server and what did (s)he do?" remains one of the toughest questions to answer in IT today. This is despite the variety of system management tools that monitor your network environment. Management tools are improving our ability to handle system error. But human error, the #1 cause for server downtime, remains elusive.

  • Know who worked on which servers
  • Record all actions that are taken
  • Track, report and alert on any user activity