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Secure Managed Hosting - Disaster Recovery & Colocation

Colocate with BII at the Bunker

The Bunker provides the most secure data centres in Europe; based within easy reach of London but away from the power shortages, natural disaster or terrorism risks ever present in central London. We own and manage our data centres which are carrier neutral and are staffed 24×7 by skilled network, technical and security experts.

Colocation is where multiple customers locate their servers, storage systems and network connectivity within a facility provided by the data centre owner in order to reduce their costs and needs for specialist infrastructure.

The data centre owner provides the building, racks, power, cooling, network connectivity and staffing, and the customer places their equipment inside the facility. With managed colocation, the data centre provider will also provide and manage additional equipment such as firewalls and routers, and a range of services are available to support the customer. Colocation customers benefit from reduced costs due to the economies of scale the data centre owner receives by providing the specialist facilities to many customers.

Risk mitigation and data recovery

Housing your IT equipment in a secure off-site environment makes your business less vulnerable to physical loss or damage to critical business systems. Whether you colocate your primary systems or use The Bunker as your back-up and recovery site you will be assured of business continuity. The Bunker’s data centres are ISO27001 accredited and PCI DSS compliant, providing you and your customers with peace of mind that we keep your systems secure.

Military grade security

The Bunker provides Military Grade hosting in our nuclear Bunkers in Kent and Berkshire. Both data centres are protected by integrated processes for physical, digital and human security.

The Bunker works with over 150 clients, large and small. Our clients are financial services organisations, technology companies, local government and other regulated businesses that value a comprehensive service built around security.

Kent facility

  • MOD command and control centre, built by the UK government to protect people and technology from nuclear attacks.
  • Sits 30m beneath a perimeter fenced, 18 acre site.
  • Three metre thick concrete walls, solid steel doors that weigh several tonnes, and provides military grade EMP and tempest shielding.
  • Protected by a 24-hour sentry guard dogs, CCTV and a series of sophisticated access controls.

Newbury facility

  • US Air Force base, situated on Greenham Common.
  • Built as a nuclear command and control centre and possesses a similar level of physical security to our Kent site.

Greater levels of reliability

Our high specification data centres have redundant power and cooling systems providing you with higher levels of reliability and system availability without the cost of refurbishing your in-house facilities. Unlike many other colocation providers, we have ample power available and can support your high power density requirements with up to 32 amps per rack. We can also provide technical services ranging from Remote Hands to Specialist Technical Skills on-site 24 hours a day to keep your servers and software up-to-date and secure.