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Software Licensing / License Renewal Management

Reduce cost and increase performance in 2013

As your CSP we are very aware that your staff will understand your environment better than we do. It is our duty to understand your current and future obligations with software licensing renewals and maintenance contracts.

BII will assist in identifying the most cost effective and flexible way to license your software estate, securing you the best deal using our significant buying power.

What advantages can BII bring and how do we assure you financial gain?

The question above is very easy for us to answer having consistently performed this task for the last 8 years. The service began when a number of BII’s Government clients struggled with cut back budgets. BII aided them by reducing their I.T spend on software and hardware license asset renewal costs. This in turn released budget which would not have been available previously.

The recent economic downturn has affected our clients in many different ways. We have however managed to provide our LRM service and provide an uncomplicated level of service with financial gains.

How do I test your ability to make my organisation savings?

All we ask is that you supply us with the opportunity to prove ourselves. Our purchasing department has many ways of lowering your costs and although the savings may be minimal with some vendors, the saving on others will be significant. The overall cost annually will reduce considerably and will be proven.

There is also the added benefit of using the one supplier to manage your licensing purchases simplifying your future licensing processes.

If you choose not to supply BII with a list of your licenses/vendors and prefer to work ad-hoc then this isn’t a problem. We are all too aware of the time this could take to compile if you do not already have an inventory. Over the first year BII will collate the licensing data you pass us and provide a full report a year to the day you began the BII LRM service.

So how can a licensing specialist make your life easier?

Our consultants have specialised specifically in Microsoft licensing but during the previous ten years we have accrued knowledge of over 500 different software vendors, including Microsoft, Symantec, McAfee, Kaspersky, Novell, Tripwire, Juniper, Sophos, to name a few.

Our consultants are in a prime position to negotiate and secure the best deals for your software purchases and license renewals, we set out to fully understand your business
and your software needs and then recommend a software solution that meets those needs. Because we are not tied to any one vendor, we are always in a position to offer objective, independent advice and recommend software that completely fulfils your specific business requirements.

Renewals - Support and maintenance contracts

Your BII account manager will turn the renewal of software agreements into an opportunity to reduce costs and re-evaluate your software usage against anticipated future needs. As well as renegotiating pricing for renewals with vendors your BII account manager will help you track and view all your current software licensing contracts and set up bespoke reminders for any pending agreement termination.