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TIBCO LogLogic - Security Information and Event Management / Log Monitoring

Company overview

LogLogic is one of the industry's leading scalable log and security intelligence platforms specifically designed for the enterprise and cloud. LogLogic gives enterprises the benefits of both Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Log Management in a single, highly scalable architecture. This architecture enables users to collect and analyse terabytes of big data generated by all of their IT assets and gives security, IT operations, and compliance professionals actionable information with seconds, not minutes. LogLogic expands TIBCO's operational intelligence offerings while providing customers the ability to proactively monitor real-time events, address 21st century security threats, optimize server and website performance, troubleshoot their network, remain compliant with regulations and harness opportunities often associated with 'Big Data'.

Testimonial: U.S. Government Cyber Security Team

LogLogic has become an integral part of the agency's operational program, largely because of the regular expressions the agency has set up, as well as alerting and the ability to review data in real-time as it comes into the system.

U.S. Government Cyber Security Team that supports and monitors all Internet and intranet traffic and in many cases acts as an ISP hosting facility for a broad array of program offices, critical infrastructure devices and servers. The team manages all aspects of the agency´s cyber security assets and is the main ingress and egress point of all Internet access for the agency.

LogLogic is capable of handling the 250,000 messages the agency receives each second, ensuring that the agency captures everything going on across the network.
LogLogic's ease of use and product capabilities made it a clear winner. LogLogic also provided a robust storage capacity that the government agency was looking for, and a clean connection from the start.

"I would absolutely recommend LogLogic as a logging solution. I'm 99.9% sure that whatever your requirements, LogLogic will meet those and then come to the table with solutions for others that you didn't even think about."

Senior Security Engineer,
U.S. Government Agency (Cyber Security Team)

Products overview

TIBCO LogLogic® Log Management Intelligence technologies help you collect, index, and analyse logs, log files, and IT data from physical and virtual devices, on-premise and in the cloud. With Log Management Intelligence, you can safely store, archive, retain, filter, and forward logs and log files as well as create reports and run search and analysis.

Log Management Intelligence indexes logs like Google indexes the Web, providing very fast search and discovery of the information you need for forensics studies. Even years of archived IT data can be searched in seconds for a particular data element. With years of history available, you can perform accurate analysis and answer who, what, and when questions with specificity for better IT operations management, security information management, and compliance management.

Security event manager

Hacking of valuable customer data is becoming a lucrative business. Security attacks are on the rise – and attackers are stealthy, persistent, and focused. With an enormous and growing amount of logs, log files, and other IT data in geographically dispersed information silos, defending against a breach is difficult.

TIBCO LogLogic® Security Event Manager technology provides intelligent, easy-to-use management and protection for your IT infrastructure. It collects, monitors, and correlates IT big data to help you identify even the most sophisticated threats. Its patented technology uses a library of predefined, customizable correlation rules to establish relationships among messages or events generated by devices, systems, and applications. It detects anomalous conditions in real time, and tracks and analyses the progression of an attack, event, or user across systems within your specified time-frame.

LogLogic the IT Data Management Company

IT Data is everywhere. It is a rich source of information about your information technology investments.

TIBCO LogLogic Benefits

  1. Get Real Value from IT Big Data:
    Collect, centralize, and leverage all your logs and log files to improve IT operations management, applications management, compliance management, and IT security management.
  2. Maximize ROI:
    Get up and running in typically less than a day, improve efficiency of network resources, and avoid maintenance of complex rules.
  3. Analyse Quickly for Best Results:
    Run sophisticated log, log file, and other IT data analysis for effective and efficient forensics as well as root-cause identification and resolution.
  4. Protect in Real Time:
    Set real-time alerts for potential threats using baseline and trending reports, and develop precise recommendations for threat removal by correlating patterns for known and unknown threats.
  5. Manage Compliance without Complexity:
    Reduce the time, cost, and hassle of delivering internal and external policy audits and compliance reporting with customizable review and audit processes and pre-packaged dashboards, reports, and alerts for many major mandates.