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Ultra AEP Networks - Secure Communications

Company overview

Ultra Electronics is an internationally successful defence, security, transport and energy company with a long, consistent track record of development and growth. Ultra businesses constantly innovate to create solutions to customer requirements that are different from and better than those of the Group’s competitors. By applying these differentiated solutions to a wide range of international platforms and programmes, Ultra has built an exceptionally broad range of niche market positions.

Ultra offers support to its customers through the design, delivery and support phases of a programme. Ultra businesses have a high degree of operational autonomy so that they may provide exceptionally agile and responsive support to customers and partners.

Operationally, the Group is organised into three divisions:

Aircraft & Vehicle Systems, 
Information & Power Systems 
Tactical & Sonar Systems.

These reflect the six key capability areas shown below:

  1. Aircraft Systems
  2. Vehicle Systems
  3. Information Systems
  4. Power Systems
  5. Tactical Systems
  6. Sonar & Undersea Systems


AEP Networks is an operating business of Ultra Electronics

AEP Networks sits in Tactical Systems  within the Tactical & Sonar Systems division and develops the highest grade security and communications technologies tested and accredited to industry security standards, including, FIPS 140-2 Level 4 and CAPS.

AEP's extensive portfolio of products and solutions protect the integrity of very sensitive data and are extremely reliable, survivable and resilient. 
BII Compliance partners AEP in this regard and actively works with central governement clients in partnership.

Ultra acquires specialist cyber security companies

Ultra recently announced that it had agreed to acquire Barron McCann Technology Limited and Barron McCann Payments Ltd (“BeMac”) for a cash consideration of £12m.

BeMac provides baseline grade crypto and key management services to the UK government, military, law enforcement agencies and the finance sector. BeMac will broaden Ultra’s crypto portfolio beyond the high-grade domain and also provide access to the lucrative financial services market.

The businesses employ 58 staff and have a LIST-X engineering facility based in Derby and a Head Office in Letchworth. BeMac will be absorbed into Ultra’s existing AEP Networks business in the Tactical & Sonar Systems Division.

Rakesh Sharma, Chief Executive of Ultra, commented:

“I am pleased that we have been able to add BeMac to the Group. This acquisition fits Ultra’s strategy of having an end-to-end crypto capability within the cyber security market. Under Ultra ownership, BeMac can exploit its strong synergies with AEP Networks and so augment planned growth in international markets.”

Products and solutions

AEP Networks products and solutions fall into 3 main categories:

Flexible Communications – providing a range of modular products and solutions that enables effective communications between sites in an enterprise network using a communications platform that aggregates and transmits two-way voice/data over almost any bearer (radio, satellite or terrestrial).

Trusted and Certified Security – provides organisations across the Public and Private Sectors with the ability to protect sensitive or governmental classified data traversing IP networks. These have the appropriate levels of assurance from relevant authorities as well as the functions and features to operate in today’s complex networking environments.

Secure Payments – AEP Payments provides payment processing solutions to blue-chip companies and small and medium sized businesses globally. Our solutions are used to streamline, manage and automate financial payment processing and provide direct access to the many UK and worlwide schemes using our secure PayGate™ processing engine.  PayGate gives full management control to end users, whilst incorporating high-levels of security and resilience. PayGate is the new standard in real-time payments processing, designed with you in mind, PayGate manages the entire process, from payment data validation all the way through to payment gateway solutions that can manage a wide variety of submission infrastructures, transaction types and payment methods. 

Sophisticated and centrally managed encryption

Ultra Electronics AEP Networks design, manufacture and implement a portfolio of products that will deliver the high assurance digital signing and key storage mechanisms necessary to support the sophisticated central management of the AEP encryption solution. Ultra AEP products and solutions are designed and developed entirely in-house and are used by over 5,000 blue chip customers in more than 60 countries.

Ultra Encrypt IPsec VPN

An independently assured encryptor that protects IP traffic across networks. It provides both data confidentiality and source authentication for network traffic enabling high confidence VPN communications.

Ultra Protect (Netilla, Series A)

Secure Application Access - available as hardware or virtual appliance, this enables secure, Web browser access to a broad range of business applications.

Ultra Safe Hardware Security Module

A hardware security module designed for managing mission critical applications that demand maximum security. It is ideally suited for organisations that need secure key management for certification authorities, registration authorities, OCSP responders, smart card issuers, Web servers and other applications.

Ultra Communicate Multi-purpose platform

A "mid-range" rack-mount chassis based platform that provides a robust, reliable and highly supportable solution to the demand for multi-service communications and vastly increased bandwidth efficiency. Enabling effective communication between sites in an enterprise network using a single telecommunications platform that aggregates and transmit two-way voice/data over almost any bearer (radio, satellite or terrestrial).

Ultra Communicate Solutions SCP SecComm Personal

Delivers enhanced grade encryption to remote work forces enabling organisations to furnish them with the same functionality in the field as their colleagues enjoy in the office with no compromise on data security.  Designed for organisations that have a need to provide a reliable two-way information flow between remote users and centralised IT facilities, HQ’s or command and control centres.

Ultra Communicate - MegaWatch

An SNMP software-based network management application designed to allow administrators to monitor the complete network and gather useful information about the condition and status of any SNMP-compatible devices that have been deployed.

Power Ethernet by Ultra Electronics Precision Systems

Ultra Electronics Precision Air & Land Systems proudly display their Power Ethernet capability. This short video explain the simple yet effective benefits of the solution.


The Internet is now a vital part of organisational infrastructure, but it is an inherently insecure channel. Consequently, all important data should be encrypted before being sent including all VPN traffic. This is particularly important in situations where financial information like credit card details and other sensitive data are transmitted.

The increase of e-commerce and the use of VPN's have now made encryption a vital component of the network’s gateway to the wider world. But the process of encryption is resource hungry, leading to the gateway becoming a major bottleneck if not handled correctly

Trusted security everywhere

  • Government, military and enterprise organisations have trusted AEP Networks to delivery security technologies for more than 20 years
  • AEP Networks has deployed thousands of instances of its next generation Ultra Protect Application Access Gateway. This product provides policy based seamless access to applications and secures client end points.
  • On June 16, 2010, AEP Networks Ultra Safe Key Security and Management product signed the DNS root of the internet, the dot, forming part of an elite international circle of trust protecting the web from being hijacked.
  • In Sept 2010 AEP Networks was first to market with Security as a service (SECaaS) for service providers to provide a Secure Cloud Computing environment with utility pricing.
  • AEP Networks delivers secure deployable narrow band communications to the military and satellite service providers enabling worldwide integrated voice and data communications over slow speed links.
  • Partnerships with BT, Fujitsu, BII Compliance, HP, Microsoft, Verizon, Cable & Wireless and the UK Government.