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'Who' we are, 'What' we do and 'Why' we do it

BII's unique partnership offering in 2013

We believe we are in a unique position to best direct the future interest of our clients and the security of their business environments. Using our internal client relationship management system (CRM) it has proven possible to correlate future project trends in all sectors and vertical markets.

BII consultants are in daily touch with security teams, risk managers and governance officers who provide us with quarterly concerns and projects. BII use this data to accurately position our consultancy practice and counter future trends in the technology market. The data also encourages thought leadership and development of entrepreneurial services.

BII secures your business in cyberspace

Cyber security is an increasingly important requirement for global business and modern society. We exist in a data-centric world, where information technology and associated communications networks and services pervade every aspect of our lives. This makes the protection of our digital assets and activities in cyberspace of critical importance, whether for individual life experience or a prosperous and sustainable society. But the challenge to understand cyber risk and deliver effective and accessible security becomes harder as technology continues to rapidly evolve and our systems become ever more complex. We are increasingly dependent upon such information and communications infrastructures and the threats we face are organised and evolving the skills to exploit our dependency to further their interests.

There is an urgent need for creative thought leading to the next generation of cyber security capability. Current approaches are simply not able to scale to meet the demands of a global society growing in cyberspace on the current trajectory. New business models are forcing greater interdependency between people, organisations and nation states in order to successfully manage cyber risk. Success will necessarily require an ability to anticipate, deter, detect, resist and tolerate attacks, understand and predict cyber risks, and respond and recover effectively at all levels, whether individual, enterprise, national or across international markets. In order to meet the demands of the future we will require new understanding, governance, regulation, partnerships, skills and tools.

Appointing BII Compliance as your CSP in 2013

Appointing BII as your cyber security partner (CSP) adds additional layers of intelligence which an on-premise team of experts dedicated to protecting your organisation simply could not.

Delivering effective and accessible security solutions

As a consultative cyber security partner to a number of enterprise organisations both public and private in nature we have developed long standing relationships. For the last decade BII has delivered end-to-end professional services and solutions that address current and future cyber threats. BII prides itself for remaining independant within the technology procurement process.

BII Compliance can investigate, design and implement efficient and effective IT solutions, with high quality documentation. Project milestones ensure the handover of new systems and documents are smooth and controlled. 

Consultants and account managers

BII consultants and account managers are highly qualified to deliver sound pragmatic advice to clients covering all aspects of data security and regulatory compliance whether it be for a single defined project or to assist companies in determining their compliance status across a number of acts.

Our account managers have many years experience and have worked with numerous tier one and two vendors whilst also having the flexibility to research innovative emerging technologies.

Cyber Insurance Consultancy

Having supported one of the UK's largest insurance partners in 2012 BII is positioned to deliver pragmatic advice to brokers looking to set up cyber liability insurance. BII also offers  clients consultancy on the cyber liability insurance market.

As the frequency and severity of cyber data risk increases, so the insurance world is becoming more concerned about the financial risks associated with a data breach and cyber crime. There is a growing insurance market for both first and third party data liability business, and also first party business interruption cover. These products and covers are likely to continue to develop over the coming years.

London is a pre-eminent market for this business due to high levels of innovation and its ability to provide specialist and tailored cover. We expect that the introduction of mandatory reporting of data breaches for companies handling EU citizen’s data inside or outside Europe will significantly speed up the rate of new product development in 2013 and beyond.

Increase value and lower operational cost

Purchasing indirect services and technology such as security assessments, software/hardware and temporary consultancy or managing basic processes are not considered core competencies in most organisations. As a result, some organisations commonly lack category management expertise across the broad array of indirect commodities they procure.

If your organisation faces one or more of these operational challenges, then your business may be ready to reap substantial savings by outsourcing one or more aspects of its procurement function to BII Compliance. You can retain us to work with you to run an on-going programme, or bring us in to work on ad-hoc projects. Either way, we’re confident we can make a difference and help your business to grow.

Evolving with leading vendors for over a decade

BII Compliance has investigated, designed and implemented efficient layers of defence to protect against current and emerging threats since 2002.

BII relies on tier one and tier 2 technology vendors to deliver the very best solutions available in the cyber security market.

BII's consultants are trained extensively and will work with your technical requirements to advise the best possible software, hardware or managed service.

2012 solution delivery

Technology solutions delivered to clients in the past 12 months are listed below:

  • Advanced Malware Protection
  • Application Visibility & Control
  • Converged Storage / Cloud
  • Data Management & Encryption
  • DDoS Mitigation
  • BYOD Integrated Technologies
  • Log Monitoring & SIEM
  • Low Latency Infrastructure
  • Managed Services
  • Mobile Security & Data Transit
  • Next Generation Firewalls Inc NAC
  • Unified Threat Management
  • User Session Recording
  • Wireless Networking